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Monolithic Isolation Joints

APEX is a worldwide supplier and marketer of high standard isolation joints for onshore and offshore projects. The correct location of isolation joints may result in saving in the overall cost of corrosion control systems....More


The invention of the first three-ply composite tape (DENSOLEN®-S40) by DENSO in 1971 was followed about 10 years later by further development to produce the asymmetrical three-ply tapes mainly used today. DENSOLEN® tape systems have been used very successfully in large-scale pipeline construction and in pipeline renovation since 1971. Thanks to constant improvement and the use of modern polyethylene materials, DENSOLEN®-systems even today represent the state of the art in corrosion protection composite tape. DENSOLEN®-tapes can be combined in various ways to make tape systems. All systems have in common that a self-amalgamating three-ply tape or a butyl tape is always used for the innermost layer of corrosion protection. Only tapes of this type amalgamate in the overlap area to form a sleeve-like coating that is practically diffusion resistant to water vapor and oxygen. Denso Self-amalgamation of butyl rubber tapes  ...More

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